Expertise and experience

The personal tragedy that has inspired ELoH’s vision has also created a wealth of knowledge about the complex issues faced by child amputees. This allows ELoH’s trustees to design projects with our partners that meet child amputees’ very specific needs.

In our first four years, ELoH has put this expertise into practice and has successfully supported more than 250 child amputees through our projects with our partners. When developing new projects, ELoH is proud to bring this special expertise and experience to the table.

Joint development of project plans

ELoH is passionate about projects that deliver tangible and sustainable change for child amputees. For this purpose, we partner with carefully selected organisations that have expertise and established networks on the ground. Together, we then develop project plans that are fully tailored to local needs and fulfil our charity objectives.

Charity objectives

The ELoH partnership model - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope - Amputee charity

  1. To improve the lives of limbless children and children affected by limb loss in the UK and in less developed countries, by providing or assisting in the provision of prosthetics, orthotics and other technical devices to assist amputees, rehabilitation, wider social and economic support when not normally provided by the statutory authorities.
  1. To assist in the treatment, care, education and livelihood support for limbless children and children affected by limb loss, including but not exclusively through the promotion of research and development into prosthetics and other technical devices to assist amputees, and to publish the useful results.
  1. To assist in the provision of education of limbless children in less developed countries.

Cost management

ELoH is made up of a small but dedicated team, with much of the work being undertaken by our trustees in an honorary capacity. At it’s maximum ELoH employed only two salaried members of staff – we now only have one part-time salaried employee to keep overhead costs to a minimum. In addition we don’t spend any money on office infrastructure.

We would not be able to achieve as much as we do without the generosity and dedication of our trustees and volunteers.

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