On September 25, ELoH supporters came together for a beautiful concert with Alex Ainley and the Nightingale Jazz Quartet. The audience enjoyed a mixture of beautiful piano music and swingy jazz tunes, and throughout the evening they were able to gain a deepened understanding of the pieces played as Alex explained and unlocked each piece with great humour.

This was also an evening that brought people together in support for child amputees in developing countries. Co-founder Victoria Bacon and Charity Manager Isabelle Trick gave a beautiful speech in the beginning of the evening and the concert raised £800 pounds for the children in our projects. The event is a wonderful example of how some of our dedicated supporters are going the extra mile to make sure more child amputees can walk and go to school.



Victoria Bacon says: “This is the third time Alex is putting on a concert in support of our charity and it has been another fantastic and special evening. Alex and his wife Ruth are two wonderful supporters and I am so grateful for their commitment to our cause. The money raised is enough to make sure eleven child amputees get prosthetic limbs – that is, eleven children that will have their lives transformed – which is a truly fantastic gift.”

We want to express our warmest gratitude to everyone who made this evening happen, in particular Alex, Ruth and Ian, Steve and Olly from the Nightingale Jazz Quartet. Thank you!

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