We are delighted that ELoH Trustee Kevin Craig has been nominated to carry the Olympic flame this summer, in memory of Elizabeth Panton, who is the inspiration for our charity.

Elizabeth was a kind, generous and selfless person, who always thought about the needs of others before herself. With this in mind, Co-founder Sarah Hope decided to nominate Kevin to thank him for supporting the establishment of ELoH, working with his team at PR agency PLMR in London.

Kevin will carry the torch through the streets of London on 26th July, the day before the Olympics begin, with the kindness of Elizabeth and the fortitude of Pollyanna Hope at the front of his mind.

Sarah and Kevin with Heather Mills at ELofH's launch in May 2011
Sarah and Kevin with Heather Mills at ELofH’s launch in May 2011

Kevin said in his blog in December 2011 when he heard about his selection:

“I do not, and never will, feel worthy of this honour given the sacrifices of the charity’s founders Sarah Hope and Victoria Bacon, and indeed the other Olympic torch bearers that I met this week. 

“…I will be immensely proud to carry the Olympic torch, always at the forefront of my mind as I carry it in London will be the inspiration and dedication of the Hopes and Bacons, the life of Elizabeth Panton, the resilience of Pollyanna, and the hundreds of children’s lives that have been, and will continue to be, transformed by Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.  The Olympic Torch embodies peace, unity and friendship. To that would add the courage and selflessness embodied by the founders of this wonderful charity.”

Sarah told The Evening Standard why she wanted to nominate Kevin:

“When my mother died we were all bereft and we still are but she had been the sole carer for my autistic brother. Kevin has helped our family with Henry so much.

“He has helped our family to set up Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, a charity which provides limbs to thousands of children in developing countries. Without Kevin’s support this charity would never have happened.

“He is helping us do research to develop a limb with an ankle and toes that move, so Pollyanna can do ballet like her friends. This leg will help all other limbless people to lead a normal, active life.

“Kevin has helped our family tirelessly and he is calm and kind and very deserving to carry the Olympic torch.”

Read more about this story in two Evening Standard articles, published in December 2011 and May 2012.

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