Recently, Chair of Trustees, Victoria, visited the University of East AngliCharity, fundraiser, UEA, students, amputees, disability, £10 challengea, Norwich, to talk about ELoH. The students were then invited to take on a £10 challenge. The business students were given £10 and invited to make a profit with all proceeds going to ELoH.

The £10 Challenge

Victoria returned to the University of East Anglia in March to find out how the students got on in the £10 challenge. The challenge was a success, raising £700 in total. The students used novel ways of making their £10 ‘grow’. This included one student buying and selling antiques from Turkey and another selling hot dogs!

As well as encouraging entrepreneurship in the students, the fundraiser also helped spread the message of ELoH. In addition, the module leader, Tracy Woods, said part of the challenge was to help students manage their finances. It was ‘designed to make them feel better and let them see what they were capable of. They were really proud of themselves.’ Read more about the fundraiser in the EDP.

If you also fancy doing something interesting to raise money have a look at our challenge events here.

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