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Elizabeth, Pollyanna and the Hopes

Pollyanna Hope

Elizabeth, Pollyanna and the Hopes

From tragedy to hope

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH) was founded by twin sisters Sarah Hope and Victoria Bacon in 2011.

In April 2007, three generations of their family were involved in a terrible bus collision in South West London. Sarah and Victoria’s mother Elizabeth tragically lost her life, Sarah was badly injured, and her 2-year-old daughter Pollyanna was required to have her right leg amputated below the knee. In the first six weeks after the collision, Pollyanna underwent 14 separate surgeries.

Today, despite her struggles, the care available to Pollyanna has enabled her to live a bright and active life. Pollyanna can walk, play and go to school, just like her friends.

However, across the world thousands of amputees do not receive the help they need, and desperately lack access to good quality care and support.  As a result, they face life-threatening infections, do not have access to education, and are isolated from society.

A legacy of hope

In memory of Elizabeth, who was kind and selfless in the time and energy that she gave to others, and inspired by the resilience and courage of Pollyanna, ELoH helps some of the most vulnerable child amputees in the world.  We promote both physical and social mobility for our beneficiaries, through providing new limbs, surgery and physiotherapy – as well as educational, psychological and livelihoods support. We believe all child amputees deserve to live a happy and healthy life. Through the generosity of our supporters in the UK, we bring hope and brighten the future for every child we help. Thank you always to Kevin Craig and his team at PLMR Ltd (Public Affairs Consultancy) for their invaluable support and advice to ELoH over the years.

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Elizabeth, Pollyanna and the Hopes - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope