Story - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope - Sarah Hope -

The life of the Hope family changed dramatically in April 2007, when a bus collision led to their two-year-old daughter Pollyanna suffering a below-the-knee amputation, and leading to the death of Pollyanna’s grandmother, Elizabeth Panton.

Today, thanks to the excellent care of surgeons and prosthetists in the UK, Pollyanna leads a happy and active life, and is able to walk, play and go to school just like her friends.  Yet the Hope family have always been aware that, for many child amputees in less developed countries, this kind of expert support is simply not available.  This threatens their physical health and their life opportunities.

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope was founded by Pollyanna’s mother Sarah Hope and her twin sister Victoria Bacon in 2011, to bring hope and opportunity to some of the most vulnerable child amputees in the world. 

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