James Blinko and Zena Choi with Sarah Hope and Isabelle Trick from ELoH
James Blinko and Zena Choi, with Sarah Hope and Isabelle Trick from ELoH

Pupils from Grant House, of St George’s School in Harpenden, have raised £1,500 for ELoH since the beginning of the academic year.

Sapphire Hope, daughter of ELoH co-founder Sarah Hope, is in year 8 at St George’s and made a passionate plea to her friends and fellow pupils: introducing the work ELoH does to her peers, Sapphire convinced the charity committee of her house to support ELoH for one academic year. The pupils decided to donate the money made from the weekly, student-run tuck shop to ELoH – and so far they have raised an incredible £1,500 for child amputees.

On 28 January 2015, charity co-founder Sarah Hope and charity coordinator Isabelle Trick visited St George’s and addressed the pupils of Grant House during their Assembly. Sarah explained the story behind the founding of ELoH and the special importance the charity places on connecting children and young people in the UK with others their age in less developed parts of the world. Isabelle thanked Grant House for their wonderful fundraising and said:

“The £1,500 you have raised for us goes a really long way in countries like Sierra Leone. For £1,500 we can provide 19 prosthetic legs and physiotherapy for 19 amputees. Or we can pay the school fees for 50 child amputees for one whole year. Thank you for making such a huge difference to people’s lives!”

At the end of the talk, Sarah and Isabelle were presented with the cheque for £1,500 by Mr Muriss, the head of Grant House. Thank you very much for this wonderful contribution to our work – thank you to everyone at Grant House, and to Mr Muriss and Sapphire Hope, and to Zena Choi and James Blinko from Grant house’s charity committee.

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