14-06-2015 Car park fundraiser. Barnaby Hope Fergus Harris James Bromfield Elliot MurdockOn June 14th, Barnaby Hope, Fergus Harris, James Bromfield and Elliot Murdock raised £580 for Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope. The four St Columba’s College students came up with the clever idea to manage the Senior School car park during the half marathon in return for a £3 fee per car. Being located close to the race, the car park was filled up with almost 200 cars, and the four students were able to collect an amazing £580!

St Alban’s Half Marathon also engaged many parents and teachers of St Columba’s College, including Mr Tatham, Mr Leadbetter and Mrs Beard who ran the 13.1 miles. The day was a success and, despite being cold and wet, the boys were delighted to raise such a significant sum for ELoH. The money raised is enough to provide a child with a prosthetic leg, physiotherapy, counselling and education for a whole year, as well as business grant to help their family in the future. In short, it is enough to change the life of a whole family.

Thank you so much Barnaby, Fergus, James and Elliot!


Would you or your school be interested in raising money for ELoH? If so, check our fundraising page and don’t hesitate to contact us!


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