Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope Patron Ian Whybrow visited three primary schools in South Norfolk on 10th June. He spoke to the children about how he met the Hope family in August 2011 at Hay Book Festival, and became a Patron as soon as he was invited to do so because he was so inspired by Pollyanna’s spirit.

He visited Dickleburgh, Scole and Bressingham Primary Schools; delighting the children with tales of how he came up with the ideas for his famous Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaur Books.







He also talked about one of his most recent creations ‘Rory’s Piratical Leg’; which is dedicated to co-founder Sarah Hope’s daughter Pollyanna and ELoH. Not surprisingly it is about a brave little girl who lost her leg when she was very small. In this delightful story Rory (short for Aurora) is rescued by a ‘mudlark’ called Rollo – inspired by co-founder Victoria Bacon’s son.

Many of the characters in Ian stories are children who have to overcome adversity of some description. Nothing is impossible. He is a wonderful Patron, clearly giving the children he met that day the message that if children who can, do – the world will be a better place.

© Photos by Eastern Daily Press / Sonya Duncan

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