image008Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope’s work has many aspects besides the provision of prosthetics and crutches. Rebecca’s story illustrates how we can make changes in children’s lives through different parts of our projects.

Rebecca is one of the 65 upper limb amputees in our Sierra Leone project. She lost her arm when she was very young and was attacked by a snake while playing outside her house. She was taken to hospital straight away but the bite was so severe that her arm had to amputated. As she grew older, her bone began to protrude the skin and she needed an immediate surgery, but her mother was unable to afford it.

Without a bone-trimming surgery, amputees can get infections that are life-threatening. Rebecca’s mother was extremely worried about her daughter and she had heard of ELoH’s amputee project and got in touch with our social workers. They were able to quickly enrol Rebecca into the project and get her to the hospital where she received surgery. After the operation, they gave Rebecca an education grant so that she could enrol into school. They also provided Rebecca’s mother with business support and she is now growing her income so that she can care for Rebecca’s education in the future.

Today, Rebecca is nine years old and currently in class 4. She has got many friends and is doing well in school. She is dreaming of attending higher education and get a job that can take her and her family out of poverty.