Nidhi is seven years old and lives in Andhra Pradesh, India. Two years ago, she was playing with her friends in a field near a water engine and she went too close and her dress got stuck in a fan. Nidhi was drawn into the engine and her leg was severely cut. She lost consciousness and was quickly taken to a hospital by a passing vehicle, but unfortunately the doctors couldn’t save her leg and they had to amputate it below the knee. It took Nidhi six months to recover from the operation. She was given an artificial leg but it didn’t fit properly and Nidhi was unable to wear it.

Nidhi’s parents were devastated because they couldn’t afford a new limb or the ongoing medical treatment their daughter needed – they thought she would never be able to walk again. Then, one day, they heard about ELoH’s new amputee project in Paradise Village and they got in touch with our local staff. Nidhi was enrolled in the project and a few months later she finally received her first, proper prosthetic leg.

Today, Nidhi is up and walking on her new limb, which is lighter, more comfortable and more durable than limbs that are normally available in the region. Nidhi is receiving regular physiotherapy support and is adapting well to her new limb. She is very excited about the possibility to run and play with her friends and she is very grateful to everyone who made this possible!