IMG_0865_face1When Myenie was born, here parents were scared.  Their little daughter had been born without a fully developed leg. Born into a small, impoverished community in the Lungi area, near Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, there was little hope that Myenie might ever be able to live a mobile and active life.

In May 2014, the Lungi Sierra Leone Charity, which supports education in the area, got in touch with ELoH and brought the case of Myenie to our attention.

Myenie became part of our Sierra Leone project when we extended our work to 50 new beneficiaries in mid-2014 and is now one of our youngest beneficiaries at just two years old. In July, Myenie and her mother visited our limb centre in Freetown and she received her first prosthetic leg.

Her parents were scared that Myenie would never get up and walk. But after receiving her first prosthetic leg from ELoH, Myenie stood up and started walking during the very first week! Her parents were delighted.

While it will take a little while for her to get used to it, receiving a prosthetic limb at such a young age is vital. Children learn to adapt to it quickly and injuries and bad posture that often arise if no limb is available can be avoided. We will monitor Myenie’s progress and, with your support, continue to provide new limbs as she outgrows her old ones.
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