MosesMoses lost his leg in 2003 after he was hit by a stray bullet following the civil war in Liberia. Moses was immediately taken to a native doctor, but the delay in getting him to a hospital meant that, unfortunately, his leg could not be saved and it was amputated.

Moses was identified by our social workers whilst he was playing football with his friends in Monrovia. Although he was enrolled in school when he was little, he dropped out four years ago having only completed first grade.

Moses’ family was distressed by the first visit from a social worker, as they feared the attention might bring stigmatisation from their community. Through counselling they have now become increasingly accepting and supportive of the assistance. With the support from his social worker, Moses has returned to second grade now that schools have reopened

Moses is soon going to receive surgery and have a prosthetic leg fitted. He can’t wait to finally receive the medical care he so long has been waiting for!