Momo with his sisters (1500x1125)

We met 16-year-old Momo in June 2014 at his house – right next to the site of the accident in which he lost his leg only a few months ago, in early 2014.

That day, Momo was getting water at the well next to his family’s house before setting off for school. All of a sudden, a driver lost control of their car on the nearby road and smashed into the well with high speed. The car pinned Momo against the well. The force of the impact was so great that his leg was torn apart and could not be saved. The well remains destroyed and serves as a daily reminder of the accident. Momo hasn’t been to school since.

For Momo, the trauma is still fresh and painful. He is very withdrawn and he rarely smiles. His mother, too, is distraught by the accident.

Momo is desperate to regain a sense of normality and to reconnect with his friends and family. Going back to school and receiving a prosthetic leg are integral steps towards this. The journey to recovery is still long and will require sensitive counselling with him and his family – but knowing that he will receive ELoH’s support brought a shy smile to his face.
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