India has the highest number of road accidents in the world and sadly this results in many deaths and tragic injuries. A year ago, Manira was victim of such an accident. She was walking to the shop next to a road when a bus skidded and crashed into her. Manira was quickly taken to hospital but the doctors couldn’t save her leg and had to amputate it above the knee.

Manira’s parents are farm workers and are very poor. In order to pay for their daughter’s hospital treatment they had to borrow money and ended up in debt. This also meant that they had no money for further medical care, let alone a prosthetic limb. As a result, Manira was unable to walk, which had a big impact on her well-being and her ability to go to school – a sad fate shared by many child amputee in India.

Yet a few months ago, ELoH’s medical staff visited Manira’s village and they met Manira and her parents. She was enrolled in our project and brought to our clinic where she received her first prosthetic leg. She is now receiving physiotherapy to learn how to walk with her new limb and she is very excited about regaining her mobility. Thanks to all our supporters who made this possible!