20160707_160433Kabir is a 17-year-old child amputee and he is enrolled in ELoH’s India project. Two years ago, he was cycling back from the hospital after having accompanied a friend who needed to see a doctor. As he cycled, he lost control of his bike and suffered a bad fall, which resulted in a deep cut in his left leg.

Kabir’s parents were able to quickly bring him to the hospital but the treatment he received was far from adequate. Instead of healing, his leg developed a severe infection and the doctors had to amputate it to prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of his body.

Kabir’s case is one of too many examples of the lack of inadequate primary healthcare leading to the tragic loss of a limb that could have been saved. This, combined with his parent’s poverty, has meant that Kabir hasn’t been able to regain his mobility as his parents can’t afford a prosthetic leg.

Fortunately, ELoH’s medical workers heard about Kabir’s case and they enrolled him in the ELoH project in Paradise Village. Kabir has now received a prosthetic leg and he is so happy to finally be able to walk again. He sends his warmest greetings to everyone who donated and raised money to make this happen. Help more children like him by donating to ELoH.