Beneficiaries group meeting (1500x1125)When Hannah was five years old she was playing with her friends just outside the small, very rural village in Kono, Sierra Leone, where she lived with her family. Absorbed by their play, the children didn’t notice the very real danger close by: a snake. Hannah was badly bitten and needed urgent medical treatment, but this was not available in her village. Eventually, due to a lack of available medication and the amount of time that had transpired since the accident, Hannah’s infected leg was amputated in Freetown.

Hannah is now 17 and, while she attended school when she was younger, her family has not been able to support her education for several years. When we first met Hannah, she was plaiting hair to support herself. Upon meeting the ELoH social team, she begged for assistance in returning to school.

Since being enrolled in the project, Hannah has received her prosthetic leg, which she proudly uses to walk to school daily. She is studying hard, and has told the team that she hopes to one day become a doctor – she wants to increase the level of medical attention available in places like Kono, and hopes to help children with treatable injuries like her own.
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