P1050793-1125x1500-e1417018377957“My mama carries me to school on her back everyday. I can’t walk that far without a leg. I want to be able to go by myself again.”

Just over two years ago, twelve year old Geronimo was injured by a falling block from an abandoned house while playing. After seeking traditional treatment, his wound became infected and his right leg had to be amputated. The amputation saved his life, but also changed it forever: his parents weren’t able to afford the prosthetic leg he needs. In order for Geronimo to stay in school, his mother carried him several miles to school and back everyday, as the way was too long and the terrain too rocky for a boy on crutches. Some days, she couldn’t do it.

Geronimo, his parents and his best friend are very happy that he will be part of ELoH’s Liberia project, and the prospect of Geronimo receiving a prosthetic leg gets everyone very excited!