A quarter of all child deaths globally occur in India and 75% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. These problems extend to, and are often worse for, India’s often-marginalised disabled and amputee community. It is estimated that there are 70 million disabled people living in India.

One of them is Shivani, who lost both her legs in an accident. It had a big impact on her life. From being an independent and active girl, she became completely reliant on her mother and grandmother. She suffered from agony and depression and she didn’t think she had a future.

But a few months ago, Shivani enrolled in ELoH’s India project. Now, she has two prosthetic limbs and is walking again. She loves school and is finally enjoying life. Watch her as she takes her first steps – a wonderful moment which wouldn’t have happened without you and other ELoH supporters. Thank you!