Jerome was one of the first beneficiaries to receive surgery in ELoJerome - Elizabeths' Legacy of Hope - child amputees, LiberiaH’s Liberia project.

He was only a year old when he had his leg amputated, during the Liberia Civil War. Jerome was standing outside his house with his father when a hunter came back from the field and tried to unload a shotgun. It misfired and Jerome sustained a bullet wound in his ankle.

Due to infection, Jerome had to have his leg amputated below the knee and had to use crutches. But the crutches were heavy and Jerome was suffering from a lot of pain from his growing stump. The ELoH team heard about Jerome and enrolled him in the Liberia project. He has received new, lighted crutches and surgery, which has reduced the amount of pain in his leg.

“ I feel good now. I would like to become a doctor one day.‘’

After the operation, Jerome is much happier and is able to get on with the activities that he enjoys. Due to his leg formation, Jerome is not recommended for prosthesis, but the new crutches have given him a lot more mobility – and plenty of energy. He is in Grade Four and has hopes of becoming a doctor one day.

Jerome lives with his grandmother, who says Jerome is a great help to the family. He has a knack for business, and enjoys going to the market, where his grandmother has her fresh vegetable stall. The stall has generated increased income for the household thanks to a family business grant he’s received from ELoH. This enables Jerome to remain in school despite some financial challenges.

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