Jacob - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope - child amputees, Liberia http://elizabethslegacyofhope.org/During a recent visit to Liberia, we caught up with 13-year-old Jacob. He runs up to greet us in the yard of his school. Until you look closely, you can’t tell that his right leg is a prosthesis.

Jacob lost his leg during the Liberian Civil War, when he was only a month old. Until January 2017, he had never known the feeling of walking on two legs. Now when we meet him, Jacob is full of life and he can even run on his leg.

He tells us that his favourite activities are riding his bicycle and playing football with his friends – copying the moves of the heroes in his favourite football team, Barcelona

“I can ride my bicycle easily now. Soon I will be faster than my friends.”

Jacob was taken into care after he lost his leg, in order to receive the support that he needed. Now he lives on the campus of the Christian Mission Orphanage that runs his school. He moves around with ease and can do the same things as his friends. He is currently in Grade Four and he dreams of becoming a doctor “that fixes legs”.

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