image011 - croppedChild amputees and children born without limbs have many different needs. While mobility and access to prosthetics is often vital, sometimes they and their parents need a different kind of support, too. That is why ELoH’s work with vulnerable child amputees is flexible and has many facets.

3-year-old Fatmata, for example, is a very happy and energetic child – a child who was born with only one hand. Her mother Jemima has worked hard to support Fatmata and her 7 other children in Sierra Leone. Through a business grant financed by ELoH, Jemima has been able to expand her roadside business and save enough money to buy a refrigerator. Thanks to this refrigerator she is now able to sell cold drinks and is making good profit to support her family.

Fatmata, who also has Down Syndrome, needs a lot of attention from her mother. Therefore, our social workers have supported the family with counselling and continue to work closely with Jemima to ensure she feels well equipped to look after Fatmata.

If you would like to support our versatile work to help child amputees and their parents, why not think about how you can get involved?