Deepika, Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope, amputee, India, charity, prostheticsDeepika, from Andhra Pradesh, was born without a left leg and faced a lot of challenges during her early childhood. She needed assistance to walk and found it difficult to keep up with other children.

Deepika’s parents are poor and could not afford to pay for the prostehtic leg she needed to walk. In India there are millions of children with disabilities and many of them are very marginalised, cannot go to school and have few prospects in life.

But Deepika is lucky. Thanks to ELoH’s supporters she has now received her first prosthetic leg. She loves it, in particularly because she can now play games with her classmates unassisted.

As she grows, she will receive new prosthetic legs and medical care. It will mean she can continue playing with her friends, walk to school and lead an active and happy life.

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