Aminata - Sierra Leone charity child amputee eloh prosthetic15 year old Aminata is has been enrolled in ELoH’s Sierra Leone Project for the last three years and is, according to her social worker Henrietta, “a real ELoH success story”.

Aminata lives in a poor Freetown neighbourhood with her aunty, in a small hut off the power grid. When Aminata lost her leg in a traffic accident at the age of ten, she struggled with post-traumatic stress. Hurt and traumatised, she felt alienated from her mum and her six siblings who had a hard time understanding her needs. In school, too, Aminata was unhappy and other children made fun of her disability.

Eventually, Aminata moved in with her aunty, who is a nurse, and who had heard about ELoH’s project in Sierra Leone. Our social worker Henrietta started working with Aminata and her family and school, and slowly her life started to change. Aminata received her first ELoH prosthetic leg right after joining the programme and took to it immediately, wearing it to school every day. As she grew and her bone started protruding through her residual limb, Aminata received a life-saving bone-trimming surgery and a new prosthetic leg to fit her new stump. She loves her new leg and often mentions how it has helped her go to school and take part in activities.

In addition to ELoH’s medical support, counselling has really helped Aminata to work through her traumatic experiences. Our social workers have also carried out outreach work in her community and school which has created a better, friendlier and more understanding environment for Aminata, who now reports to have “many, many friends” in school.

Thanks to all the different elements of EloH’s support, Aminata is now, at 15, a bright young woman, who loves to spend her afternoons reading and studying. When we last met her, she was just waiting for her end of year results which she expected to be good. Aminata is excited about the future and she wants to continue going to school and one day become a lawyer.

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