image004 - cropped 2A few years ago, Alfred was in a serious accident in his home town in Sierra Leone. A fellow pupil at school pushed him off a ledge and he hurt his leg very badly. His aunt, with whom he had been staying since his mother died, took him to a traditional healer. The healer was unable to help him and his leg got much worse and an infection developed. When he finally got to hospital, it was too late to save the leg and the doctors had to amputate it. Because his aunt was unable to continue looking after Alfred, his older sister Melissa took over his care.

Fortunately, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope was able to step in and support Alfred and Melissa. Through a medical assessment, two surgeries and the provision of crutches, Alfred is today in good health. He has chosen to have crutches rather than prosthetics because of the nature of his amputation and the challenging external environment which makes it hard to walk with prosthetics. The crutches have enabled him to regain his mobility and he is now able to walk everywhere.

Alfred has also received an education grant to ensure he stays in school. Melissa has been given a small business grant and business support in order to sustain herself and Alfred. They have both received regular counselling from the team of social workers, which has been crucial to enable their well-being.

Today Melissa’s small business is going well and she is able to save money each month. Alfred is attending school where his favourite subject is Maths. He is very fast on his crutches and even joins in to play football with his classmates. His favourite team is Manchester United.