ELOH / ETC Patient Update

March 2021


NAME: Mayenie Kamara              Age: 8 years old               School: Troy Tilkaran Primary School


Mayenie is doing well.  She was very discouraged because she struggled to get a new prosthesis and had to use a crutch to get to school. But now she is happy as she received her prosthesis that will enable her to go to school easier. She thanks madam Anna and Sarah for helping her greatly. She said that she can now ride a bicycle very well and hopes to get one soon. She is in class 3.






NAME: Kadijatu Bangura              Age: 8  years old                             School: God’s Chance Preparatory School


Kadijatu  is now in class 3 and is thankful because she was not in school for a year before we meet her. The grandma is so happy and thank the organisation for helping them in this their hard times. Pastor Finney encouraged the mother that all is not lost and she can still give birth to normal babies.  The mum got pregnant and has delivered a baby girl.







NAME: James Kamara                   Age: 15 years old             School: Zulaika Secondary School


This is James Kamara of Hastings. He is now promoted to Junior Secondary School stage two. He is very thankful to the ELOH and ma’am Anna, ELOH,  and the ETC team for helping him this far because after the death of his grandfather it would have been the end of  his education. But thanks to God for the intervention of the Enable the Children and support of ELOH that stepped in to the rescue. May God bless you all for the good work.






NAME: Santigie Conteh             Age: 15 years old           School: Doctor Conteh Memorial Secondary School


Santigie conteh is now in form 2, JSS 2. He is doing fine, and he is determined to make a good grade in the junior high school examination (BECE) in the next academic year.   He also expresses his thanks to the team for helping him this far in his education. He thanks the ELOH and the ETC team for being there for him.






NAME: Mohamed Lansana Bockarie        Age: 15 years old             School: Prince of Wales

He sat to the BECE, Basic Education Certificate Examination, and he is now admitted into Senior High School. The mum Is so thankful and prays that God will continue to keep ETC team, ELOH, and especially Pollyanna who is thinking about their kids and making ways to help them.








NAME: Alimatu Sesay                    Age: 18 years old             School: Amadiya Muslim Secondary School

Alimatu Sesay is living at kissy and sat some of the WASSCE subjects.  She will take a few more to get the required classes to attend university.  She express her thanks and appreciation to the ELOH ma’am ANNA and the whole WHI for helping her this far.  She prays that God will continue to protect and guide her.









NAME: Juan Jackson                      Age: 17 years old             School: Freetown Secondary School for Girls


This is Juan Jackson who has been selected by the special Olympics to train for upcoming games and events.  She is now in JSS 3 and was also chosen as one of the school prefects.  A passport has been made for her also to help with possible travel. She is very thankful to everyone who has contributed to her education and development she prays that God will bless each and every one.  Thank You, Thank You





NAME: Daniel Kamara                   Age: 16 years old             School: Joy Preparatory School


Daniel is now in class with his class mates. He experiences less stigma among his friends now and he is happy with them. He expresses his thanks and appreciation to the ELOH family and the ETC team for support and help in his education and well-being.







NAME: Yusif Bangura                     Age: 17 years old             School: Gees International Secondary School


This is Yusuf Bangura who was in Senior high school stage 1 last year is now in Senior high school stage 2. He is doing fine and is thankful for all of your support.  He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.







NAME: Sheku Sesay                       Age: 17 years old             School: Holy Family Secondary School

Sheku Sesay is now promoted to senior secondary school stage 2 and he is doing fine and determined to work hard for the future life. Thanks to all you have done for me, and may God bless you.








NAME: Saidu Jalloh                        Age: 13 years old             School:  Baptist Model Primary School

This is Saidu Jalloh of Makeni in his new school uniform. He is so thankful because when his father died, he thought that his education would stop but with the connection to ETC/ELOH his dreams are turning to a reality. He knows that only when he is educated, he will have a better life in the future. He wants to thank the team and all that has helped him most especially Pastor Finney, ma’am Anna, and the ELOH family.  He prays that God will bless them all.  Thank You.







NAME: Alice Kargbo        Age: 12 years old                            School: C-Tark Primary School


She is  now very courageous and determined to go further with her education after some long talks with her not to listen to those that sigmatise her. She is now promoted to class six and will take the NPSE exams that will usher her to the junior secondary school stage 1. She is very thankful to the ELOH family.







 NAME: David Turay                        Age:       10 Years Old                      School: Uniwatch Primary School


David Turay is a new addition to ELOH in the last year.  We are thankful that he has been added.  He is living at waterloo Cole town and has gotten his stomp revision and is now going to school. He expresses his happiness of going to school with these words “I am so thankful to you all for making my dream come true because I was thinking if it will be possible for to go to school but you people have made that dream come true.  I want to say thanks to the ELOH and the World Hope international for helping me.”







NAME: Alpha Kargbo                     Age: 12 years old             School: Amadiya Primary School


The mum is very happy that he is know going to school after being at home for almost 3 years.   The mum was very depressed before coming into the program as she was unable to care for Alpha after the dad left them.  The support has enabled her to pay for various needs and provide for some of the basic needs of Alpha.  She is extremely grateful for the support and love of ELOH and Enable the Children