During the reporting period under consideration, Indians were concerned about the 3rd wave of Covid-19. Fortunately, it was brought under control thanks to widespread immunization, strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocol, and other preventative measures that reduced the mortality toll. Regulations governing public mobility have nearly ceased, and public transportation has returned to normal.

The ELOH-India team took advantage of the occasion and sent our mobile unit to Telangana, where measurements were collected for six new kid amputees. Members of the local Rotary Club in Bhadradri Kothagudem District assisted us in taking measurements on their campus for 3 child amputees. Our senior technician Mr.Sunny John, Assistant technician Mrs.Jaya Maruthi, and Limb centre in-charge Mr.P.S.Vara Kumar supported the process of measurements for 6 newly identified child amputees. On the way, we handed out ELOH flyers to like-minded civil society leaders who will be able to mobilize young amputees in the future.

Our HEAL is providing repairs and replacement limbs to 18+ ELOH beneficiaries. Because in India, any amputee can get a “Jaipur Model Plastic” artificial limb. Our ELOH-HEAL artificial limb facility, on the other hand, offers Modular Model Prosthesis made of fiber. It is light weight and more flexible than the other limbs. Our limb was originally used by amputees, and there is no other center that can repair or replace it. Our past beneficiaries who have reached the age of 19 will attend to get plastic and heavy weight artificial limb distribution camps arranged by Lions Clubs or Rotary Clubs to get plastic limbs.




KORRA NEELA VENKATA HANUMA NAIK: His father is a bricklayer. His mother works as a day laborer. He has a younger brother, who is twelve years old and in sixth grade. Hanuman Naik was riding his bicycle when he was involved in an accident. In his hometown, a lorry slammed into him. His right leg was broken and he was gravely injured. He was transported to a Government General Hospital, where his right leg was amputated below the knee.

KUKKALA SAHITHYA: Her father works as a day worker. Her mother worked as a daily wage laborer as well, and she passed away due to kidney failure. She had been suffering from asthma for a long time. She was survived by a daughter, a son, and her spouse. Sahithya’s father did not marry after her mother died, and he was responsible for his two children. Sahithya has an older sibling who is a first-year Degree dropout who works as a daily wage worker to help support the family. Sahithya was born without a left foot. She used to walk with a walker for several years. She is overjoyed with her new prosthesis and continuing her academics in 7th grade. She spent some time with her grandma, who is elderly and confined to her home.




INTHETI HARI PRASAD: His father works in agriculture. His mother works in a private hostel as a cook. Mr. Durga Prasad, his older brother, works as a medicines delivery boy. Hari Prasad had a little roar on his right foot four years back. The infection spreads throughout the entire leg. Initially, his toe was severed by doctors. His foot was amputated after a few months. His right leg was amputated below the knee later that year. He is quite pleased with his ELOH prosthesis and can now walk independently. In +2, he is continuing his studies.


MAHAMMAD RAHEEMA: Her father works as a puncture and vulcanizing technician for automobile tyres. His mother is a stay-at-home mom. Ms.Nishpa, Raheema’s younger sister, is in the eighth grade. She was involved in a vehicle accident in 2007 while crossing the street. Her left leg was shattered, and she was taken to a Government General Hospital for treatment. They attempted everything they could to prevent the amputation, but it was in vain. Her left leg was amputated above the knee. She is now able to walk on her own and is in the tenth grade.


PARSIKA PANDU RAJU: His father operates a three-wheeler. His mother works as a day labourer. Mr. Ramdas, his older brother, has completed his ITI-diploma. In the year 2020, Mr.Pandu Raju was involved in a car accident. He was hit by a lorry while crossing the road in his hometown. Under the lorry tyre, his left leg was crushed. He was brought to a government general hospital in his home state of Telangana, where doctors referred him to the Vijayawada General Hospital in Andhra Pradesh. His left leg was severed above the knee. He is able to walk on his own and continue his schooling in 10th grade after using the ELOH prosthetic limb.</p

MAISA DEEKSHITHA: Her father drives a bus. Mother is a stay-at-home mom. Deekshitha is her parents’ only child. Unfortunately, she does not have her right leg up to the knee by the time she is born. Her parents took her to famous doctors when she was a baby and tried in vain to improve her limb. For some years, she had been walking with a walker. She is now able to walk on her own and continue her studies in fourth grade after receiving the ELOH prosthetic limb.

All of the recipients and their parents were overjoyed with their prosthetic limbs and expressed their gratitude to the ELOH-HEAL Artificial Limb Center for its services in assisting child amputees to walk. They stated their faith in their ability to send their children to schools to resume their studies where they had left off.

























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