ELoH began 2019 with the launch of two new partnerships, in Sierra Leone and Liberia. We are continuing to provide prosthetic support where we can to children who have lost both upper and lower limbs – as well as rehabilitative care, counselling and education.

ELoH beneficiary Ruth, 15, who lost her leg after being hit by a stray bullet during Liberia's civil war, with her familyWe have helped children in Sierra Leone since 2012, and in Liberia since 2014, beginning our work in these very poor west African countries after a visit by the Hope family, and Kevin Craig, another trustee of ELoH.  In Sierra Leone, we have helped amputee children in Freetown, the capital, and in three rural locations;  in Liberia, we have helped children in the capital Monrovia and throughout the country.  However, in 2014 Ebola struck both countries, affecting our work as it impacted upon the livelihood and health of both populations.  Because of Ebola, we re-structured our work and we are now concentrating our efforts on the needs of children in the capitals, and hope to reach out to those in the countryside before too long.

In Sierra Leone, the budget is to maintain and improve our support for 12 beneficiaries (including vital funds for medical assessments, surgery and new prosthetic fittings), and to extend our project to provide to comprehensive medical, educational and livelihoods support.  In Liberia, we are supporting 10 children.  Sierra Leone project and about our Liberia project.

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