At the end of last year, Aimee Wilson took a courageous step: she decided to start her own nail technician business In Harpenden, Hertfordshire. And more than that, Aimee wanted to do something good at the same time. Having heard about the tragic story of the Hope family, she decided to donate £5 of every treatment to ELoH.

Describing her motivation, Aimee says: “I met Sarah Hope a few years ago, when Sarah and her family moved to St Albans. […] Sarah and I became friends and she told me of the horrific traffic accident that had taken place in 2007. Sarah and Christopher’s youngest daughter Pollyanna, who was just 18months at time, lost a leg in this horrendous accident. Sarah’s mother Elizabeth tragically died at the scene of the accident and Sarah too has suffered terrible injuries. Sarah and her twin sister Victoria have been so inspired by the wonderful care and treatment that Pollyanna has received since losing her leg, that in memory of their mother they set up the charity Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope. […] Through my business I would love to support this amazing charity, by giving £5 of every treatment you book, to Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.”

Prior to having children, Aimee worked as a beauty consultant for Lancôme. In the run up to starting her own business, she trained extensively and received a Diploma in manicure and pedicure certified by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. For a look at some of the treatments offered by Aimee, have a look at her list of services. So if you should ever find yourself in Harpenden, consider contacting Aimee to treat yourself while you help others.

We are hugely excited by this and very, very grateful to Aimee. Starting a new business is always a big leap – so thinking of others during this stressful time deserves particular thanks. Thank you Aimee!