The Trustees of Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH) are delighted to have signed a formal funding agreement on 7th June 2011 with Friends of the Children of Tanzania (FoCT).

Over the next year, ELoH will provide FoCT with £25,000 to support children who are benefiting from the Jaipur Limb Clinic, Mobile Clinics and Community Based Rehabilitation Programme that FoCT is coordinating in the northwestern part of Tanzania, Africa.

As a direct result of this agreement, hundreds of limbless children will be provided with the orthopedic and prosthetic support that they urgently need in order to lead normal, healthy and happy lives.

Compressed-4The average cost of providing prosthetic support for a limbless child in Tanzania is approximately £750 over the course of their childhood.  This accounts for around 5 new limb replacements as the child grows, as well as a range of other necessary associated costs (including prosthetic, physiotherapy and orthopedic support, facility, transport, food and utility costs).

Speaking about ELoH and FoCT’s new partnership, Sarah Hope (ELoH founder) said:

“We are so excited to have signed this agreement with FoCT.  It marks the first major project that ELoH is supporting, which will transform the lives of limbless children in developing countries irrevocably for the better. 

“FoCT are working closely with a range of local groups on the ground in the Lake Victoria area of Tanzania, to ensure that limbless children from across the whole region are offered the best possible prosthetic support.  We are looking forward to receiving FoCT’s first project update already!”

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