Vee profile picture for fundraising pageWe are very proud to announce that our Co-Founder and Trustee Vee Panton Bacon will run the London Marathon for Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope this year!

Helping young, vulnerable amputee children is so close to Vee’s heart, that she has chosen a spectacular way to do it, again! 26.3 miles throughout the streets of London, with thousands of others, taking part in the world’s largest charity fundraising event. So, how does she feel about it?

“I can’t wait! This is my third marathon; I love it, I’ll have Vee written on my t-shirt and hopefully lots of people will shout my name and keep me going. But most of all it is the thought of the children I’ll be helping that will give me strength. Please support me, so I can huff and puff my way around knowing that young amputees will walk, run, play, go to school and SMILE! Thank you so very much!”

TANZANIA 34441Two years ago Vee ran the marathon for Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope with her twin-sister Co-Founder Sarah Hope. Together they raised more than £30,000 for ELoH’s project in Liberia – enough to provide 176 child amputees with a prosthetic leg, an education and business support for their families. That’s amazing! Yet, there are many more children who are denied the support they need and who are deprived of the most basics of rights:

“Many children who can’t walk simply can’t go to school. The door to a future is cruelly closed, through no fault of their own. Children lose legs because of disease, illness, accidents, land-mines and very sadly but too often because of conflict, and even deliberate amputation. Help us heal their broken hearts by supporting us so we can give them legs, and much needed support. Through our 010partner charities Street Child and HEAL we are helping amputees in Sierra Leone, Liberia and India; we are reaching out now to over 300 children, but there are many, many more who need us.”

Please consider supporting Vee’s fundraiser and help improve the lives of child amputees. Even the smallest donation will make a difference and all the money raised will go straight to our projects. For more information and the latest updates of Vee’s marathon challenge visit her fundraising page.

Thank you!


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