Some of our supporters prefer to donate through sponsoring an individual amputee who we are helping. This means you can get to know their story better, understand their particular challenges in more depth, and get updated on their individual progress after receiving ELoH’s support. You could even make a trip to visit them in-country!

Here are some of our case studies, to give you an idea of the children who we are supporting.

Sponsorship can take place on a long-term basis over a number of years – for example, helping to cover the ongoing costs of providing new limbs and surgery as our beneficiaries continue to grow. Alternatively, you could sponsor a beneficiary with a one-off donation to provide vital support, such as life-saving surgery, a new prosthetic limb, or a year’s school fees.

Whatever you have in mind, do get in touch with Isabelle at isabelle[at] to discuss sponsorship further.

Below are some examples of some current sponsorship opportunities for our beneficiaries:


Hi, I am Myenie

Sponsor an Amputee - Myenie - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope

Myenie is one of our youngest beneficiaries at just two years old. Having been born without a fully developed leg, her parents were scared that she would never get up and walk. But after receiving her first prosthetic leg from ELoH, Myenie stood up and started walking the very first week after receiving it.

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However, as she grows, she will need continuing medical support and new prosthetic legs as the old ones become too small. We are committed to supporting Myenie until she stops growing. But we need your help!

For example:

  • As child amputees grow, they need new prosthetic limbs to adjust to their changing height. It will cost roughly £80 every time Myenie needs a new limb and physiotherapy.
  • The bones remaining in child amputees’ stumps continue to grow after amputation. This can be very painful and requires surgery at least twice while a child is growing to avoid life-threatening infections. The cost of surgery, hospital stay and transport to and from hospital costs roughly £400.




Hi, I am Mohamed

Sponsor an Amputee - Mohammed - Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope

Mohamed, on the other hand, is one of our older beneficiaries. He lost his right leg at the age of five in a brutal rebel attack on his village during Sierra Leone’s civil war. Before joining our project, Mohamed’s life was a difficult one, having been separated from his parents and village, forced to live on the streets begging to survive.

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Today, he has been fitted with a new prosthetic, but, having missed out on basic education in childhood, Mohamed’s way ahead is still long. He wants to start an apprenticeship to develop his skills. With your help, we can keep supporting Mohamed to get closer to his dream of becoming truly self-sufficient.

For example:

  • Mohamed would like to start an apprentice ship as a car mechanic. A training programme at a good garage costs roughly £50 per year.
  • In order to successfully participate in the practical part of the programme, Mohamed needs training materials. Those cost roughly £75 – a one off cost that will equip Mohamed with the tools to later work in his chosen trade, too.




If you would like to support a child like Myenie or Mohamed, please contact Isabelle at isabelle[at] to speak about sponsoring an amputee.

Many children need your help and this is one of the most direct and personal ways to make a difference. We look forward to hearing from you