The Evening Standard has published an article about the horrific accident that hit three generations of the Hope family in 2007. ELoH co-founder Sarah Hope is interviewed as part of an initiative to improve road safety among public transport vehicles in London. In the moving video, Sarah tells us about her memories and feelings about the bus crash that killed her mother Elizabeth and injured her daughter Pollyanna so badly she had to have her leg amputated. It is the same accident that later inspired Sarah and her sister Victoria to establish Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, with the mission to support child amputees in developing countries.

Transport for London is using the video of the accident to educate bus drivers about the behaviour and mentality of pedestrians and cyclists, in order to prevent similar accidents from happening. Nearly 25,000 drivers will be shown the video and Sarah Hope is glad to be part of it. She says: “I hope after seeing it drivers will get behind the wheel of the bus that day and be even more conscious of road safety than they were that morning”.

The full version of the article and the interview with Sarah Hope can be found here:

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