Optimized-Pollyanna-with-Duncan-Slater-2970-208x300We are very proud to welcome Sgt Duncan Slater to our team, who recently accepted our offer to become an Ambassador for ELoH.

Sgt Duncan Slater, a double amputee and war veteran, was recently part of an expedition to the South Pole with Prince Harry as seen on ITV’s ‘Harry’s South Pole Heroes’ which tells the amazing story of a group of wounded servicemen and women’s challenging journey to reach the Pole. He lost both his legs as a result of an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan in 2009 and was the first double amputee to reach the South Pole.

His courage and strength are inspirational, and we look forward to working with Duncan to show the world that amputees can do absolutely anything if they receive the help and support they need. If you would like to know more about Duncan and his amazing and moving story, read this recent article about him, watch the documentary, or, even better, join us at our next fundraiser on 25th May at West Ham United’s Upton Park stadium, where Duncan will be joining us.

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