As we look towards Christmas, we want to look towards hope. And what we really need to be able to continue giving hope is your continued support into the future. Below, find the story of Myenie; a young girl who took her very first steps last year thanks to ELoH. A young girl who has a bright life ahead of her, thanks to the work we do, thanks to your wonderful support. A true story of hope.

Therefore, this Christmas, we’re asking for just £20 a month to help Myenie and all vulnerable child amputees like her who still need our support.

If you sign up for a monthly donation of £20 today, we’ll be able to, over the course of a year, enrol one new child into our projects. For £20 a month, we can provide a child and her family with:

  • A prosthetic limb
  • School fees
  • Business support to ensure their family can pay for their child’s ongoing education

Christmas is the perfect time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. Therefore, if you want to make a lasting difference, please consider setting up a regular monthly donation – a truly life-changing and life-saving gift! Thank you!

To set up a monthly donation, please visit our donation page.