Sierra Leone


RN with Mohamed (1125x1500)Mohamed has come a long way since losing his leg at the age of five. Today, at 18, he lives independently with fellow amputees and has played football for Sierra Leone at the African National Cup for Amputees.

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Beneficiaries group meeting (1500x1125)When Hannah was five years old she was playing with her friends just outside the small, very rural village in Kono where she lived with her family. Absorbed by their play, the children didn’t notice the very real danger close by: a snake.

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Myenie (1500x1120)When Myenie was born, here parents were scared: their little daughter had been born without a fully developed leg. Born into a small, impoverished community in the Lungi area, there was little hope that Myenie might ever be able to live an active life.

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Momo with his sisters (1500x1125)We met 16-year-old Momo in June 2014 at his house – his house which is right next to the site of the accident in which he lost his leg only a few months ago, in early 2014.

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When Victoria was little she went to stay with her grandma in a small village while her parents remained in Monrovia to work and provide for the family. One day, when Victoria was playing hide and seek in an abandoned house, a wall collapsed on top of her.

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