On Friday, 24th April, four young pupils from Alameda Middle School in Ampthill, Bedford, organised a wonderful cake sale in support of Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.

With the help of teachers and parents, Edie Wright and her friends Amelia Tatford, Laura Hobson and Holly Pearce designed posters to advertise the sale, baked cakes and cupcakes, set up, and managed the sale on the day.

It was a huge success and all cakes were sold out within 15 minutes. The girls managed to raise the wonderful sum of  £84.38. In Sierra Leone, this can go a very long way: it is enough to provide a child amputee with a prosthetic limb and physiotherapy.

On the day before the cake sale, ELoH charity manager Isabelle Trick visited Alameda Middle School and spoke to pupils and staff at the school’s morning assembly. Isabelle gave a presentation about the work of the charity and highlighted the important role fundraising can play in connecting children in the UK with children in less developed countries.











Isabelle said: “It was great to meet so many young people so passionate about the work of Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope. I was very impressed with the initiative Edie, Holly, Laura and Amelia showed in organising the cake sale and inviting me to speak. These kinds of school fundraisers make a huge difference to our work and really help spread the word. I am looking forward to seeing what they might organise next.”

Edie, who was the driving force behind organising the fundraiser, said: “I’ve know the Hope family all my life and I find the work of the charity, Sarah’s determination and Pollyanna’s courage truly inspirational. If I can do something to help, that will allow a child to walk, I will. And I hope this is just the beginning”.

We are very grateful to everyone who helped make this possible – what a huge success! Thank you!

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