February 2012

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH) is delighted to report on the last six months’ progress, helping limbless children in Tanzania through our partnership with Friends of the Children of Tanzania (FoCT).

Drawing upon ELoH funds, the following elements have been delivered so far:

  • Basic construction of a new limb centre for amputees in Kagera, north-west Tanzania – completed
  • New physiotherapist for the limb centre and associated mobile clinics outreach programme – recruited, and salary provided for a year
  • Training of new orthopaedic surgeon for limb centre and mobile clinics – started
  • Mobile clinics outreach programme, supporting limbless children in more remote areas throughout the Kagera region – established. Involving:
  1. Mobilising village level volunteers to assist with identifying and monitoring people with disabilities and or at risk of amputation
  2. Purchasing three motorbikes to enable community disability specialists to easily access the outlying villages and support the village level volunteers
  3. Supplying nine mountain bikes to the village level volunteers to enable greater mobility around their allocated areas for treatment, monitoring and amputation prevention work
  •  The following children have been helped so far as a result of the new limb centre and mobile clinics outreach programme:
    • 500 cases seen to by the new orthopedic surgeon
    • 480 osteomylitus cases treated (a debilitating bone disease that can lead to amputation)
    • 45 assistive devices (such as splints) provided
    • 8 new limbs fitted
    • Several vital amputations performed
  • Advocacy and training for amputation prevention programme – established. Including:
    • Organising and hosting road safety events for drivers in the Karagwe district, to raise awareness about the risks of dangerous motorbike driving and how this can lead to limb amputation
    • Establishing a campaign for albino rights to prevent limb mutilation through witchcraft


Roger, taking his limbs to be repaired. He lost both legs when he fell into a charcoal burner as a small child.




Over the next six months, ELoH funds will continue to support the operation of FoCT’s limb clinic, mobile outreach and accident prevention programme in Tanzania.  Key deliverables include:

  • Constructing a covered access walkway to the limb centre
  • Installing amputee-friendly toilets in the limb centre
  • Contributing towards fully equipping the limb centre (including furniture, mirrors, rails etc)
  • Commencement of the actual fitting of new limbs at the limb centre
  • Training of hospital surgeons in Uganda to enhance their orthopedic skills, including in bone trimming operations
  • Strengthening the disability network in the Kagera region with Government and faith based groups

Click here to read an interview with Matthew McIlvenna, FoCT’s on-the-ground representative, about its work in Tanzania.

Click here to view a summary of ELoH costs attributable to supporting FoCT’s limb clinic, mobile outreach and accident prevention programme in Tanzania.

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