On the 28th November, ELoH Founder and Chair of Trustees Victoria Panton Bacon spoke to around 160 Sixth form students at Bungay High School in Suffolk about the charity’s child amputee work. Head Boy Jack Allison invited Victoria to the school ahead of a fundraising event he is planning for the spring – called Legs4Legs.

IMG-20161215-WA0000The idea is that the students will have lots of fun on running machines, competing against one another and setting endurance challenges, using their own legs to raise money so we can give the children we help the legs they need. Watch this space!

Victoria spoke to them about the many reasons children in developing countries suffer amputation – from contracting osteomylitis (bone infections) to illnesses that aren’t treated or are treated with improper medicine, and accidents – often road accidents or falling while playing. She spoke of the challenges faced by people across the countries we work in because so many live below the poverty line, struggling with inadequate healthcare and accommodation.

Reflecting on her recent visit to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Victoria spoke to them – too – about the difficulties these countries are still facing because of the Ebola outbreak, and told the students that the people of both countries still live with the legacy of terrible civil wars. However, Victoria was also able to tell them that, in spite of the poor economy and difficult times, both Liberians and Sierra Leoneans are people that smile and hope for a bright future – and she spoke about how Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope is making a difference, giving amputee children legs, crutches and operations and supporting limb clinics.

However, there is much that still needs to be done and Victoria was delighted by the students’ interest and attentiveness; and is looking forward to returning to Bungay for the Legs4Legs event.

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