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Your chance to win!

For a chance to win one of the following prizes, simply buy a ticket for £10 (+50p booking fee per transaction) and correctly answer one multiple-choice question.

First Prize Sticker

Win a millionaire mansion, 10 acres, Rolls Royce, £50,000 cash, 3-hole golf course, swimming pool, gym, self-contained apartment, the contents and furniture, a fully stocked wine cellar and bar, staff for a year, bills paid for a year, Stamp Duty included.

Other prizes

9 cash prizes of £10,000 each Entries are restricted to residents of England, Wales and Scotland aged 18 or over. Please see terms and conditions for further details

* plus 50p booking fee per transaction.

(Cash Prize Alternative: At least £100,000 in cash if less than 500,000 tickets are sold)

Buy Tickets

GB, 18+. Competition to win a £2.3m mansion! Includes Rolls Royce, pool, gym, golf course & £50k. If less than 500,000 entry forms are received by the closing date the prizes will be substituted with a £100,000 cash prize (minimum). Competition closes 30/11/2018 or once 1,000,000 entry forms are received, whichever is first. 9 other prizes of £10k. £10.00 per ticket + 50p booking fee per transaction. Entrants must answer a question to enter; only correct entries will be included in the draw. T&Cs apply.

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