ELoH’s work is inspired by the bravery of Pollyanna Hope, who lost her leg, aged just two years old in a terrible bus accident in London. Today, after receiving expert medical care and support, Pollyanna can walk, play and go to school, just like her friends. However, thousands of amputees in less developed countries do not receive the help or support they need, and desperately lack access to good quality medical assistance and education.

Our mission is to help these vulnerable children so they can lead happy and healthy lives – and to spread the word to other children in the UK, to encourage them to help others who are less fortunate than themselves.

We collaborate with a range of UK schools to organise child-friendly events to raise awareness, and sometimes a bit of money too, to support our work. This has been an eye-opening experience for the children we have worked with so far, who have learnt about the difficulties associated with amputation, as well as the challenges facing children in other less developed parts of the world.


Download our free school fundraising material

We have developed school packs with tips and ideas on how you can create a successful fundraiser at your school. Choose between:

You can also download our A-Z of fundraising to get a range of fun and creative fundraising ideas. In addition, you can find more detailed descriptions of how to organise your art sale, school fair, charity abseil, colour run, and school cook book fundraiser here.

We have also created presentation templates for primary anc secondary schools. Choose between:

Lastly, you can download our ELoH flyer and event poster that you can used during your fundraiser. If you would like to have any of the material sent by post email Jennie at jennie[at]elizabethslegacyofhope.org.


Ask a member of the ELoH team to come and speak at your school

We would love to hear from you – please get in touch with Jennie at jennie[at]elizabethslegacyofhope.org to discuss how we could work together.

Here are a few of our past schools events, for inspiration:


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