Our mission

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELOH) supports vulnerable amputees across the world, through providing low-cost prosthetics, vital operations, educational, social and psychological assistance.

Since being founded in April 2011, we have helped provide new limbs for 100 amputee children in Sierra Leone, and have supported countless more by contributing to a Limb Centre in Tanzania.  With your support, this number will significantly rise over the next year as our projects expand and we develop new partnerships elsewhere.

This short video explains our story and sets out our vision for the future:

Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope – Our Story from ELOH on Vimeo.

War, violence, disaster and disease cause thousands of devastating amputations across the world each year – often permanently blighting the lives of those who have little or no support.  World Health Organisation estimates indicate that as many as 30 million people require prosthetic limbs, braces or other such support in Africa, Asia and Latin America combined.

ELOH partners with experienced teams on the ground in some of the least developed countries to give limbless children the support they need to lead happy, healthy and active lives, just like their peers. 

Please help us to achieve this goal.


Ebola Virus – Keeping our Beneficiaries Safe

To find out more about ELoH’s efforts to keep our beneficiaries and our staff safe during the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia and Sierra Leone, read our latest article here. This is a dangerous and crucial time, so please consider making a donation to help us sustain our efforts to defeat this horrible disease.